Comforting Patients with Ergonomic Furniture: Bean Bags

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One of the hardest thing to do in a hospital is to help a patient get comfortable. Especially postpartum, there are many things going on in the body that cause discomfort and pain. While medication is often given as needed, there are many other things you can do to help a patient be more comfortable. A registered nurse is fully qualified to help hospital patients to get as comfortable as possible.

It can be very difficult in between procedures as many in-patients are constantly moving from their hospital bed to a stretcher to go to different parts of the hospital for different treatments and tests. This should be kept to a minimum as is can be very taxing on the patient. The added stress from the patient having to constantly move around can add to the recovery time and make it more difficult for the hospital staff to do their jobs.

Fortunately, many new ergonomic furniture is being released by companies who are rising to meet the demands for more comfortable furniture. In hospital rooms, many times there is a couch that folds out into a bed. His is very useful as many patients will have a family member that will stay with them overnight. If the family member is able to sleep better this usually means that they will be better able to understand the procedures that will take place the next day and the hospital visit can run more smoothly.

Many waiting rooms now have a giant bean bag for the patient’s family to relax on. I have seen these in many dentists’ offices, since generally when you go to the dentist you are not contagious. You wouldn’t want to use a bean bag somewhere where contagious people would infect others needlessly. But, in waiting rooms where the risk of contracting anything is low, a huge bean bag is a welcome addition.

Giant Bean Bags WordPress

Giant Bean Bags Google Doc

giant bean bagsIt is generally preferred that the bean bag have a washable cover. For sanitary reasons, you wouldn’t want the bean bag to be sat on by hundreds of people and never get washed. Thankfully, has a quality bean bag that has a cover that can be washed in a large machine. Most hospitals have a large washing machine anyway, so it works out perfectly. Also, the ones we got from the giant bean bags are of very good quality so they will last after many washings. The inside is good quality material, so patients and family will be able to use it for years to come. You wouldn’t want to buy a cheap bean bag that will quickly wear out after a month of use. So, we are happy with our purchase from the site mentioned above. It has been very nice for us all.


While these things are not an absolute necessity, they can be very helpful for the patient, their family, and the hospital staff that treats them. If everyone can be more comfortable, then it helps the doctors, nurses and everyone involved in the patient’s treatment and recovery.

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Dentists in Wood Green UK

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During pregnancy, most mothers take special care of their diets and make sure not to expose themselves to any toxins or chemicals. One thing that is often overlooked is dental care. According to recent research on dental care for pregnant women, women with periodontal disease are more likely to give birth early and also for their babies to have a low body weight. So, it’s important that oral health is not neglected during pregnancy, as this can have adverse effects on the child.

Oral Bacteria and Tooth Decay in Babies

Babies are not born with the bacteria that adults have that cause tooth decay. Usually, the way babies get tooth decay is through contact with an adult. This can happen after kissing, sharing eating utensils, or cleaning off pacifies with your own mouth. Basically, anything that will bring your saliva in contact with you baby’s saliva could pass on any oral bacteria you have. Because if this, it is important for women who are pregnant have just given birth to make sure that they have good oral health.

Dentist Holding Dental Tools

Prevention is Key: Maintain Good Oral Health

dentist performing checkup  The simplest way to assure good oral hygiene is to get regular dental cleanings at your local Dentist Wood Green. A local dentist that we can recommend is the one mentioned at the links below. They offer dental checkups, cleanings, fillings, etc. at They are a family dental practice with Tottenham Dentist offices as well that can likely take care of most of your basic dentistry needs. If you need emergency dentistry, they also offer that as well. Getting a regular checkup  at the dentist is a good preventative measure to make sure that your (and by extension, your baby’s) oral health is in good condition. If you do not live in the Wood Green area, then a simple Google search will offer you a dentist near you with reviews so that you can make the best choice. You can also check out their    Facebook Dental Practice page.

UK Dentistry Changes

dentistry showing teeth model NHSIf you would like to see if you qualify for NHS coverage of your dental treatment, visit the official NHS.UK page on the terms and who’s entitled for the dental treatment. This applies only to people living in the UK, so if you do not live in Wood Green or the UK at all, don’t worry about this information as it does not pertain to you. If you are curious as to what all the fuss is about, you can read this article about it on the new changes to dental care in the UK. The new laws regarding the dental profession are causing quite a stir, but this article will give you good information on whether or not the new changes are anything you should concern yourself with.

You can also check out more information about this Dentist by checking out their YouTube and Dentist Wood Green Google Doc.


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Huge Beds at

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Once your have brought your baby home and he’s quietly asleep, a new mom finally realizes just how tired and uncomfortable she is. Nothing takes a toll on the human body like childbirth, and this can bring a lot of discomfort for a while. It’s best to get comfortable and get plenty of rest. You will likely have a vaginal discharge called lochia. This is normal and not a cause for alarm. If you feel you are producing too much of this, you can always call your doctor, who knows your particular situation best, and he can help you from there. You may also notice that you have swelling in your legs and feet. This is also normal and shouldn’t be cause for alarm unless it causes great discomfort in which case you should notify your doctor.

Most furniture will likely not be very comfortable. You’ll want something to take naps in when you get that chance that is both supportive, but soft. One way we have found that is particularly helpful or new mothers, if you have the space, is to have a bean bag bed. We don’t recommend buying one of the cheap Walmart ones, because those are small and not very comfortable. You’ll probably regret you didn’t get something bigger and more comfortable, especially when you can get something really nice online. Rather than going low end, we suggest an oversized, furniture-grade foam filled giant bean bag like this one, available at

Giant Bean Bag Bed from


As you can see, this big boy is big enough for you and some extra company! We don’t recommend you bring your infant into the bean bag bed because they need more support and this could be dangerous for them. This is just for you. You deserve some comfort and relaxation, too. We’ve heard from many of our followers that they have enjoyed their giant bean bag bed to help them relax and distress in the few moments when baby doesn’t need their immediate attention. Many have received great ideas from Buzzfeed’s Comfortable Couches List

This big bag is very big. It measures 8 ft by 8 ft, so make sure you have room. If you don’t have enough room for this particular model, they do offer small sizes, the smallest being 6 ft. But, we’ve heard the most about this big bed option, which is why we’re mentioning it here.

Have one of these? Tell us your experience.

Additional Resources:



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SOAADS – Helping Tampa Hear Better

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We are excited to announce our new partnership with SOOADS. They are a center for helping people with hearing disabilities to find hearing aid providers in their area. SOAADS helps people with hearing disabilities both young and old.  Accoring to the NIDCD website, a hearing aid is basically a small unit that is placed inside or around the ear. It generally consists of 3 parts: microphone, amplifier, and speaker.


The microphone picks up the sounds of the surrounding environment. The signal is the sent to the amplifier to be processes. The microphone’s quality and price can vary greatly and this is one of the primary concerns of most people buying hearing aids. You generally want to buy something that fits your budget, but will still provide a good quality sound.

hearing aid tampa style


The amplifier is by far the most interesting part of a hearing device. It takes the signal that is delivered by the microphone and digitally alters it to the preference of the listener. Much like how you can change the equalizer on your car radio to better suit your ear, or personal preference. Some people like more bass, other like more treble. This amplifier, however is far more complex. It does not any dials or knobs on it itself, but it can be plugged into a computer where special software can adjust the equalizer (EQ) of the device.

Initial Stage

The goal of this is the, first, make sure that the person wearing the hearing aid doesn’t get overwhelmed. If they’ve never worn one before, it can be uncomfortable at first. The EQ can be adjusted at this point to be more quiet and less harsh sounding

Second Stage

After you have become accustomed to your device, the audiologist or hearing technician will then use the software to bump up the volume and run audio test to see what frequencies you prefer louder or softer. The aim it to make sure that speech is easily picked up on and made clear, while at the same time lowering background noise. According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), people  in the second stage will tell you that the worst situation is to be at a loud restaurant and not being able to distinguish between the noise and the people who are talking to you. This is remedied by the third stage. This Google Doc about SOAADS has more info.

Third Stage

Now, the audiologist can fine tune your hearing device so that you can easily pick out people’s voices, not be disconcerted by crowds, and really enjoy your new hearing to the full. Check out the SOAADS Jimdo and



soaads hearing aidsThe speaker, like the microphone, can vary in quality and is something that is important to discuss your local Tampa audiologist.

We’re very happy to be working with and look forward to helping them help all the people in Tampa who want to open up a whole new world of hearing. Hearing aids are not only giving hope to the hearing disabled. But, advances in hearing technology also benefits those with other physical disabilities.

The Miracle of Hearing




Share This: Official Opening

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Welcome to the Tender Care Doula! We are delighted to be opening our new website up to the public. We will feature here information about our company and medical staff and how we can serve you with your postpartum needs. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to fill out a contact form.

health practitioners

Below is an interesting video on how you can have a healthy lifestyle on your own. Sometimes, its just the small health changes you makes every day that can make the biggest difference when getting back to your normal lifestyle after childbirth.

In the coming months we will be sharing valuable information about how to better care for your health using our services and some products that we use as well to bring the best quality of life to our patients. If you are new, please drop us a line to introduce yourself! If you are already a patient, we are glad you found us.

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