Comfortable Bean Bags Promotes Patient Healing

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In another article about comforting patients with their economic Furniture, we talked about how we have been using gigantic bean bags to help patients. Comfort is very important when it comes to a patient’s overall stress levels. If a hospital bed is uncomfortable then their healing will take longer.

A lot of doctors and nurses under-emphasize the importance of being comfortable. Some of the basic things about health tend to get neglected when it comes to long-term medical care. Basic things like food, water and sleep, seems to be an afterthought for many people in the medical profession.

Comfort is Important for Healing

Obviously this is not a good idea as some of the basic things we need for life are food, water, and sleep. For example, you can’t be constantly waking your patient up in order to check on them or give them medication. Also, is very important that they are comfortable.

One of the most effective ways we found out our patients to get comfortable and to have our giant bean bags ready to go. These gigantic bean bags have a micro suede cover that is very soft to the touch and comfortable. Also they’re filled with polyurethane foam that is the same kind of foam that is used an ordinary furniture.

Avoid Cheap Bean Bags

A lot of giant bean bags come with hard beans or cheap filling. Because you can get some at Walmart for example, at only about $55, but they are not very comfortable. They cost fifty bucks but you can tell as soon as you sit on it that it’s cheap.

Giant Bean Bag Bed from

Also the filling isn’t the only cheap thing. The exterior shell is also poorly made. These tend to rip pretty soon after buying them and the filling starts pouring out. If you actually have beans inside your bean bag then this will create a huge mess. The bean bags that we get from are a lot better because they have a high quality foam filling, inside of a liner, inside of a high-quality microsuede cover. Also the microsuede cover can be removed in the washing machine. All in all, this makes for a very nice bean bag that our patients are very happy with.


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