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During pregnancy, most mothers take special care of their diets and make sure not to expose themselves to any toxins or chemicals. One thing that is often overlooked is dental care. According to recent research on dental care for pregnant women, women with periodontal disease are more likely to give birth early and also for their babies to have a low body weight. So, it’s important that oral health is not neglected during pregnancy, as this can have adverse effects on the child.

Oral Bacteria and Tooth Decay in Babies

Babies are not born with the bacteria that adults have that cause tooth decay. Usually, the way babies get tooth decay is through contact with an adult. This can happen after kissing, sharing eating utensils, or cleaning off pacifies with your own mouth. Basically, anything that will bring your saliva in contact with you baby’s saliva could pass on any oral bacteria you have. Because if this, it is important for women who are pregnant have just given birth to make sure that they have good oral health.

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Prevention is Key: Maintain Good Oral Health

dentist performing checkup  The simplest way to assure good oral hygiene is to get regular dental cleanings at your local Dentist Wood Green. A local dentist that we can recommend is the one mentioned at the links below. They offer dental checkups, cleanings, fillings, etc. at They are a family dental practice with Tottenham Dentist offices as well that can likely take care of most of your basic dentistry needs. If you need emergency dentistry, they also offer that as well. Getting a regular checkup  at the dentist is a good preventative measure to make sure that your (and by extension, your baby’s) oral health is in good condition. If you do not live in the Wood Green area, then a simple Google search will offer you a dentist near you with reviews so that you can make the best choice. You can also check out their    Facebook Dental Practice page.

UK Dentistry Changes

dentistry showing teeth model NHSIf you would like to see if you qualify for NHS coverage of your dental treatment, visit the official NHS.UK page on the terms and who’s entitled for the dental treatment. This applies only to people living in the UK, so if you do not live in Wood Green or the UK at all, don’t worry about this information as it does not pertain to you. If you are curious as to what all the fuss is about, you can read this article about it on the new changes to dental care in the UK. The new laws regarding the dental profession are causing quite a stir, but this article will give you good information on whether or not the new changes are anything you should concern yourself with.

You can also check out more information about this Dentist by checking out their YouTube and Dentist Wood Green Google Doc.


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