Hearing Aids History and How To Find One Near You

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Welcome back to Tender Care Doula. There was a great response to my last blog post about ergonomically designed chairs for helping patients to be more comfortable. For more information on that post you can read below.

Today I wanted to talk about hearing aids and how many of our patients have made great use of them.

Tender Care Doula cares deeply for its senior citizens. While we deal mostly with postpartum health and issues concerning childbirth, we also like to delve into other health related issues. If you need a audiologist nearby, then we encourage you to check out SOAADS.org. They are a reputable company that helps you to find an audiologist in your area.

Help Finding An Audiologist with SOAADS.org

Have you noticed that perhaps you are hearing is diminishing as you are getting older? This is a normal process as part of getting up in years. As we get older, our hearing tends to go. Our vision and other senses can diminish as well. Hearing, though, tends to get neglected as it’s not very obvious that when your hearing starts to go.

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With vision, it seems like we can notice after a while that we can’t see as far as we could before. But would hearing, it seems like it just kind of slipped through the cracks. It seems that hearing loss is a lot more subtle and slow and takes longer to identify. Often times it’s not even the person who has a hearing loss that identifies it at all. It’s a lot of times the family members that noticed that the person with hearing loss can’t hear well anymore and they have to constantly repeat themselves over and over again.

There is a solution and the solution is hearing aids. If you need hearing aids Tampa, we recommend that you check out this website so that you can find an audiologist in your area that can help get you fitted for a hearing aid.

Hearing Aids Have Come a Long Way

hearing aid predecessorHearing aids can be very useful and the technology has become a lot has come a long way. The technology used to be uncomfortable and not very effective. In the past would normally just turn up the volume of everything in the room which was often overwhelming.

For example, imagine you’re in a crowded restaurant. You don’t want to hear everything that everyone is saying. You just want to hear what is going on at your table. Thanks to equalizing and filtering software that is now built into the hearing aids, different frequencies can be filtered out.


This is like adjusting the EQ on your radio. You can boost up the frequencies that you want, and lower the frequency that you don’t. Using the technology hearing aid specialists are able to identify what frequency ranges are most useful for you to be able to hear and which ones are less useful.

They can adjust your hearing aid for your personal needs. This is extremely useful in making sure that your hearing aid is not just loud, but effective in helping you to hear what you want to hear.

I hope this article has been helpful. Please leave your comments below. If you have any further questions I recommend that you check out one of their websites.

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